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Common Electrical Repairs You May Need After Flooding

After any flood event, your first priority should be safety. Make sure your electricity is turned off, then have an electrician inspect the wiring and electronics thoroughly before you try to use any of them. Make sure you choose an electrician who's also qualified to perform any electrical repairs you may need.

Here are a few of the electrical repairs you may need after a flood.

1. Wiring Replacement

The wires that run inside your walls are covered with insulation. However, this doesn't make them waterproof. So any flooding event could result in damage to the electrical wires in the flooded area. Your electrician will follow national code to determine whether any wiring needs replacement based on type and length of exposure or type of wiring.

2. Appliance Repair

Any appliances or devices that use electricity, from dishwashers and refrigerators to coffee makers and audio equipment, can become damaged in a flood event. If floodwaters rise only slightly above the floor of your home, the appliances sitting on the floor will be damaged first.

However, anything with electronic components may also need repairs if the floodwaters sit for several days. Corrosion to electronic components can occur due to the water in the air (ambient humidity), which is greatly increased by standing water in the home. The extent of repairs appliances and electronics need may depend on the type of flood and its length.

3. Outlet Replacement

An electrical outlet depends on contact points to transfer electricity out of your electrical wiring and into the plug of whichever appliance you're trying to run. If the contact points suffer from corrosion, the outlet could start to fail. Corrosion is a common effect of exposure to floodwaters, so electrical outlets in the flooded area may need to be replaced.

Light switches can also suffer this type of failure. However, light switches aren't usually close to the floor, like electrical outlets. So, a moderate flood is less likely to submerge them.

These are just a few of the types of electrical repairs your home may need after a flooding event. The type of water damage can affect how much replacement you're likely to need. For example, water that's extremely contaminated (such as seawater, which is full of salt, or sewage, which is full of pathogens) could require a higher amount of replacement and repairs.

A longer flood is also able to cause more damage because the water has more time to infiltrate and corrode components. On the other hand, a short exposure by relatively clean water could mean that your electrician finds less damage.

If you suspect water damage to your home, no matter the size of the flood, contact your local electrical contractor today. Speak to companies like McDonald Electric for more information.