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Did you know that electricians often work outdoors in harsh elements? Not all of their work takes place in comfortable, cozy homes. Another fun fact about electricians is that in order to get licensed, they need to study for almost as long as doctors! This is an interesting and engaging profession that requires that you work with your hands, but also your head. Whether you're interested in becoming an electrician or just hiring one, it pays to know the ins and outs of what the career involves. This will enable you to have more effective conversations with the electricians you do hire. We hope the articles on this website will jump-start your learning.


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This Is Why You Should Never Ignore Flickering Lights In Your Home

For many people, flickering lights are considered a common nuisance and something to just be lived with. However, if this is your mindset, you should change it ASAP. Flickering lights are a bad sign and something that should be tackled by an electrician as soon as possible. Here's why. 

Why It Happens

If only one light fixture in your home is flickering, it's likely an issue with that individual fixture. However, if you experience frequent flickering of multiple light sources or notice other electrical items in your home losing power temporarily, this is a bigger problem.

This issue usually indicates that the electrical system in your home is overtaxed. In other words, more electricity is needed than what can be offered up by the wires running through your house. You can usually get some relief by unplugging a few things or only using certain power-hungry appliances like your dryer when nothing else is on, but this is only a patch fix for a bigger issue.

What It's Causing

If the appliances in your home are demanding too much electricity — more than your electrical system can offer — it can cause hyper heating of the wires running through your home. It can also lead to sparking and outlet failures.

This is an issue because the longer you use that amount of energy, the more problems are likely to pop up. However, that's not the biggest problem on your hands.

The Danger

Believe it or not, flickering lights in your home are often one of the first indications that you may end up having an electrical failure or even an electrical fire. If the wires in your home become very hot from the electricity running through them, it can cause the wires to short out. This can cause outlets to fail and electrical breakers to frequently shut off. But more importantly, it can put your home at risk if a fire starts.

The best thing you can do when your lights start to flicker is to contact an electrician. They can easily test your electrical system to find out if it's damaged. If damage is discovered, it will need to be repaired promptly in order to prevent dangerous risks. However, even if your electrical system isn't damaged, an electrician can still help. If your electrical system simply can't provide enough electricity for your needs, rewiring your home can make a big difference, so contact a professional immediately.

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