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Did you know that electricians often work outdoors in harsh elements? Not all of their work takes place in comfortable, cozy homes. Another fun fact about electricians is that in order to get licensed, they need to study for almost as long as doctors! This is an interesting and engaging profession that requires that you work with your hands, but also your head. Whether you're interested in becoming an electrician or just hiring one, it pays to know the ins and outs of what the career involves. This will enable you to have more effective conversations with the electricians you do hire. We hope the articles on this website will jump-start your learning.


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Install Recessed Lighting Under Kitchen Cabinets

A poorly lit kitchen may result in needing to plug in a small lamp so that you can see what you are cooking or can distinguish what ingredients are located inside of the cabinetry. If you have overhead cabinets in your kitchen, these can be used as the anchoring points for recessed lighting. Recessed lighting will provide low-intensity lighting that won't compromise how your cabinets look.

Reap The Benefits

Adequate electrical hookups are necessary for a lighting upgrade that is going to be strategically placed. Since many kitchens feature wall receptacles that may be either located near the baseboard or the upper trim in a kitchen, you will likely need to install a power strip, to accommodate the new lighting equipment. When choosing a power strip model, contemplate how you can use this extra electrical source to power up the lighting, plus some additional countertop appliances.

If you have to move your toaster or coffee pot around frequently, so that you can plug the equipment in, a power strip that contains multiple outlets will add the convenience of being able to leave equipment in the same spot all of the time. A power strip should not be overloaded, since this could cause a breaker to trip. Limit the use of the strip to a few items at the same time. An electrician can guide you in proper electrical usage and determining the electrical ratings of the equipment that you need to power up.

Purchase Lighting And Power Strips

An under cabinet lighting kit will contain a metal or a plastic bracket, an LED bulb, and hardware. If the cabinets are spread out in your kitchen and you would like to add concentrated lighting to several parts of the room, you will need multiple kits and power strips, to complete the lighting upgrade. Purchase a light strip design that can be wall-mounted. Each strip will include metal hardware pieces and instructions.

To adequately light the countertop, secure one light frame and bulb to the center, bottom of each cabinet. A light strip that is going to be utilized for a couple of cabinet lights can be installed along the portion of the wall that is directly beneath the cabinets. A power drill may be needed to assist with driving the hardware through the wall. After securing all of the pieces, plug in the lights. There will be a switch on each setup, which can be used to turn each bulb on and off.

To learn more about under cabinet lighting, visit this website https://www.jfelectricalcontractors.com/.